Become a Successful Algo Trader:

  • Learn Basics of Algo Trading
  • Get the flow of Algo Strategy
  • Implement your Algo Strategy
  • 25 Builtin Strategies

Course Duration: 30 Hours (Theory + Practical) and Extra 20 Hours (Practical)

Practical: Each Student will get access to our proprietary Algo Studio Tool, which has unique features like

Strategy Builder


Live Simulator

Other facilities you have when you enroll into this course are :

  1. Separate forum for Advanced Options module, to post your doubts for immediate clarifications from other students or trainer
  2. Chatrooms, to discuss with your co-students in the course
  3. Priority chance to participate in events and trading contests across India

Course Curriculum


  • Pit Trading to Electronic Trading
  • Definition of Algorithmic Trading
  • Components of Algo System
  • Working flow of Algo Strategy
  • Trading Strategies for Algo System
  • Pros and Cons of Algo System
  • Order Types for Algo System
  • System Architecture of Algo System
  • Risk Management for Algo System


  • Download and Setup of Algo Studio
  • Tour of Algo Studio


  • Scalper
  • Scaling
  • Advance Jobber
  • Trend Jobber

2 Leg Spread Strategies

  • Currency Spread
  • Calendar Spread
  • Mega Vs Mini
  • Roll Spread
  • Cash Future ARB

2 Leg Ratio Strategies

  • Pair Trading
  • Long Short Equity
  • Bank Nifty Vs Nifty
  • Long Short Commodity

3 Leg Strategies

  • Long Short Equity
  • Commodity Arbitrage
  • Triangular Currency ARB

Basket Trading

  • Nifty Basket


  • Propitiatory Strategies

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