Market Segments of NSE
07 December

Market Segments of NSE Stocks

A variety of products are being traded on Capital Markets. Segments such as Equity Shares, Preference Shares, Warrants, Debentures, ETFs, Mutual Funds (Close Ended), Government Securities and Indian Depository Receipts. …

Financial planning Process
17 September

Financial Planning

Overview of financial planning  Financial planning helps in understanding the relationship between the four elements of the personal finance situation of an individual: income, expenses, savings, assets and liabilities. Income: …

Primary market course
12 September

Primary Markets

Primary Market in India & Types of Issues Primary markets are markets where companies or issuers seek to raise capital from outsiders by issuing securities to them in form of …

Learn basics of mutual Funds
12 September

Mutual Funds

Introduction to Mutual Funds What is Direct Investment? When assets such as equity shares, debentures, etc are bought by investors and held directly in their name, it is called a …

Secondary market
05 September

Secondary Market

The Secondary market enables investors/traders to trade an already issued securities. Transactions in the secondary market are not new issues and do not affect the capital of the company. It …