Free comprehensive and interesting courses to learn basics of stock market. Learn how the stock markets work and get understanding of live trading strategies.

free stock market course

Basics of Financial Markets

Learn the general concepts of financial markets with this free course designed by Trading Campus.

free technical analysis course

Basics of Technical Analysis

Free Technical analysis course for beginners offers you to to learn Bar Chart, Line Chart and Indicators.

free fundamental analysis course

Basics of Fundamental Analysis

Learn method of evaluating a security in an attempt to measure its intrinsic value.

basic macroeconomics course

Basics of Macro Analysis

In this free course, you will learn some of the major concepts of macro analysis.

free Mutual Fund Investing

Mutual Fund Investing

In this course you will learn the complete process of investing your money into mutual funds.

Basics of Options

Basics of Options

In this you will be able to Understand how to trade the options market using the wide range of option strategies.