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About this course: Learn the general concepts of financial markets with our free course. You will learn the difference between primary & secondary markets and several other securities available in the market. This course is designed by Trading Campus to help students with very little or no finance background to learn the basics of financial markets.

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Introduction to Equity Market

This beginner level course is designed for students with or without financial background to learn the basics of stock markets. You will understand types of equity markets – primary and secondary markets, and gain knowledge about steps for share trading in India. The objective of this course is to enable student to begin investing in share market in India.

Indian stock market basics, Steps for share trading in india for beginners


Introduction to Security Market

The prime objective of this chapter is to make participants understand functions of securities market in India. It will elaborate on types of securities in stock and debt.

functions of securities market, Types of securities market


Primary Market

The function of primary market is to enable companies to issue new securities to investors. This chapter details out features of types and features of primary market. The objective of this chapter is to enable student to understand role of primary markets for wealth creation of the investors.

Types of primary market, Features of primary market


Secondary Market

The function of secondary markets is to enable investors to purchase previously issued shares in primary markets. You will learn about types of secondary market and features of different secondary markets. This chapter will provide details on role of secondary market to enable students to participate in stocks.

Features of secondary market, functions of secondary market


Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds are one of the most popular form of investments in India wherein invested amount is managed by professionals. This course will provide a snapshot on the basics of mutual fund investment. It will elaborate on types of mutual funds and respective features. The objective of this course is to enable students to start investing in Mutual funds to create wealth.

Mutual funds types, How to invest in mutual funds



Derivatives are an integral part of financial markets and provide hedging and speculation opportunities to participants. This comprehensive course will provide basics of derivatives, including different types of derivatives, trading and settlement in derivatives, risk and profits while trading in derivative instruments.

Derivatives types, basics of derivatives market


Financial Planning

Financial Planning pertains to budgeting and saving funds while accommodating various personal life events and financial volatility. This course will enable students to understand financial planning to have a secure futures and will also propel them to have a career in financial planner. The objective of the course is to understand financial planning objectives and various steps in Financial planning Process.

Financial planning objectives, Steps in Financial planning Process