NSE Certified course on “Live Trading Strategies” by Trading Campus

Program Highlights:

  • 100 Hours of practical training on Real Time Markets
  • 100+ built in strategies with back testing feature
  • Placement opportunity with top brokerage houses


  • Participants will gain comprehensive knowledge of financial markets
  • Clear understanding of operational and trading aspects of markets
  • Interpret, analyze and build strategies as per market behavior
  • Foundation for portfolio management and risk analysis

Technical Analysis:

  • Become a Pro Trader
  • Master the Chart Patterns and Candle Stick Patterns
  • Learn and Master the right way of applying Indicators
  • Get Access to 25 Builtin Strategies

Practical: Each Student will get access to our proprietary Technical Studio tool. It has unique features like

Strategy Builder

Back Testing

Live Simulator

Options Trading:

  • Learn to earn money in any kind of market situation
  • Live Examples of payoffs and Option Greeks in Real Time Market
  • Black Scholes Calculator and much more
  • Get Access to 25 Built-In Strategies

Practical: Each Student will get access to our proprietary Option Box Tool which has unique features like

Built in strategies

Greek Dashboard 

Live Simulator


Algo Trading:

  • Learn to trade using advanced concepts like spreads
  • Automate you Algo Strategy
  • Implement your Algo Strategy and trade with a click
  • 25 Builtin Strategies

Practical: Each Student will get access to our proprietary Algo Studio Tool, which has unique features like

Strategy Builder


Live Simulator

Fundamental Analysis:

  • Learn to Read Financial Statements
  • Determine strength of a company by ratio analysis
  • Master the Sectoral Analysis
  • Identify Value Migration
  • Find the Next Big Trend
  • Construct and manage your own Portfolio

Practical: Student will deal with latest annual reports of listed companies and our proprietary method of evaluating a company/stock.

Portfolio & Risk Management:

  • Financial Market Risk
  • Historical VAR
  • Stress Analysis
  • Monte Carlo Simulation
  • Basic of Credit Risk
  • Credit Ranking
  • Excel Templates for Portfolio & Risk Management

Practical : Students will get access to the Excel templates of all the Risk models listed in the theory part.

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